Intelligent Сomputing

We are intensively involved in the development of a processor, based on new principles. Such processor will be the most disruptive technology of the 21st century - an optical computer processor which is at least ten thousand times faster than any existing silicon-based processor.

Our processor is uniquely optimized for artificial intelligence bringing it much closer to human intellect than previously thought possible.

Patents and other intellectual property are owned by NeuroCorn LLC.

LMPU - Light Matrix Processing Unit

LMPU - Light Matrix Processing Unit
At least 10⁴ faster than any existing processor today
Matrix algebra instead of traditional arithmetic-logical processor
Digital computing replaced by analog
Electronics is replaced by Opto-Electronics
Programmable, unlike ASIC
Can be called the first Neuromorphic Processor

   Our version of the fastest supercomputer on Earth

   Our version of the most powerful AI Server