About us

NeuroCorn UG is an innovative future-facing company. Our Company utilizes data science and machine learning to make applications faster, smarter and easier to use. We help companies to strengthen and modernize business with applications that can automate processes and reshape products and business models.

NeuroCorn UG has a wide range of interests. As a start-up future-facing company, we don’t view ourselves as a monolithic organization with one business model. Instead, we have core products serving our current customers. We are also creating new products for current customers. At the same time, we hold transformational innovations, namely massively parallel intellectual technologies that allow us to create new products for new markets.


Dmitri Pescianschi


Dmitri Pescianschi is the Chief Executive Officer of NeuroCorn UG and its founder.

Mr. Pescianschi has gained over 25 years’ experience in IT development. Skilled in all phases of the software development lifecycle. He's passionate about artificial intelligence (AI) and is involved in AI research and development already for twenty years. Mr. Pescianschi is the principal author of a number of patents and publications in the field of artificial neural networks. He successfully headed the development of various AI applications based on neural networks in several companies.

Dmitri is a continuous learner who further expands skills and knowledge in new programming languages and technologies. Dmitri is a transhumanist and passionately believes that the future goes hand in hand with the development of artificial neural networks technology.

From 2014 to 2016 Mr. Pescianschi was the principal investigator and a Chief Scientist Officer of the company Progress Inc. (USA).
Mr. Pescianschi is a co-founder of Intelligent Neural Networks Inc. (USA) where he serves on the board of directors and directs research and development in the field of Intelligent Systems Engineering.
Mr. Pescianschi is the co-founder of PyBridge UG (Germany), where he holds the position of CEO and implements ideas that make life of programmers easier.

Ilya Sorokin


Ilya Sorokin - Chief Business Officer of the Company and its co-founder.

Mr. Sorokin has nearly 30 years of Executive Management and Information Technology experience. Mr. Sorokin has provided consulting services to such companies as Microsoft Corporation, NASDAQ, AIG, Aetna, among many others.

Mr. Sorokin’s experience includes the founding and management of several companies, including: Integrated Solutions, Inc, an IT consulting firm which have completed many multi-million high-tech projects; ActTrader Technologies, Inc. a technology company who have served over 100 brokerages and over a million traders worldwide; 3D Game Market a gaming technology company creating new immersive gaming experience, and finally Intelligent Neural Networks a revolutionary company in the field of Artificial Intelligence and hyper performance microprocessors.
Sorokin’s strength is in building highly efficient and effective technology companies with focus on revenue generation. Unique ability to translate vision into reality, which includes identifying opportunities, developing company strategy, creating company infrastructure, putting together a most qualified management team, dealing with strategic and operational issues, as well as public and investor relations.

Dr. Anastassia Boudichevskaia


Dr. Anastassia Boudichevskaia - Chief Science Officer of the Company and its co-founder.

Dr. Boudichevskaia brings more than 20 years of experience as a scientist in molecular biology of plants, statistics and bioinformatics. During the last seven years her special focus is on the analysis of big biological data.

Dr. Boudichevskaia earned a Master's degree at the Russian State Agrarian University (Moscow, Russia); specialization in genetics and plant breeding of crops. She hold her Ph.D. from the Martin Luther University, Halle, Germany.

Anastassia works with customers and the team of NeuroCorn to drive product vision and to deliver an effective product to clients.

Konstantin Sakirkin

Konstantin Sakirkin - a leading application software developer.

Mr. Sakirkin is an outstanding programmer with 35 years of experience of working in several companies in Russia, the United States and Germany.

Mr. Sakirkin is highly proficient in good coding practices, several programming and development languages. He provides high expertise in technical design, analysis, performance and solving technical issues during project delivery. Konstantin is highly experienced in both, application and system programming.

Artur Gurevich

Artur Gurevich - a Development Engineer.

Mr. Gurevich has got a Master's degree in “Chemical process engineering” at the University of Technology in Saint-Petersburg, Russia in 1997.

Mr. Gurevich has a wide and high level of expertise in metal and plastic industrial processing and treats engineering as art.
His experience includes more than 20 years of designing and developing complex devices, machines, and equipment.
He also has over 10 years of project management experience in mechanical engineering. The portfolio includes a lot of completed projects for car manufacturers: Ford, Subaru, Honda, etc. (from development to implementation).

Mr. Gurevich has devoted the past few years to the study of the biological foundations of intelligence, AI technology and software development, and has contributed to the research and development of AI in NeuroCorn UG.

Konstantin Kurenkov

Konstantin Kurenkov - mechanical engineering and test-automation.

Wich over 6 years of experience in designing and automating special-purpose machines and test-rigs Konstantin is our partner for Real-Time and FPGA solutions, CAD automation, debugging and modernization of legacy systems. Here are a few highlights from his portfolio:

• Development of FPGA and real-time drivers for DAQ cards of a modular SOM-based controller: PWM, DIO, AIO, I2C, SPI, 1-wire. Documentation of SCPI commands.
• Development of a system for statistical analysis and simulation of Doppler bursts used in laser Doppler anemometry.
• CAD co-development of experimental Palmwolf® EFB shredder model.
• Modernizing data analysis software of a nuclear power plant.

Additionally to a M.Sc. degree in mechanical engineering, earned at Brandenburg University of Technology, Konstantin holds a Dipl. Eng. degree in agricultural machinery with additional qualification as technical translator.

Nikita Plyatskovsky

Nikita Plyatskovsky - a Industrial Automation Engineer.

Mr. Plyatskovsky is a talented young engineer in the field of innovative industrial automation.

Mr. Plyatskovsky uses the full range of capabilities to automate industrial processes. He not only upgrades existing processes and solutions, but also develops new ones.

Mr. Plyatskovsky has experience in automating a number of companies in Europe (Germany, Belgium, etc.).